Unique Signature Events

We make sure that our event will not only be memorable, but also unique, excellent, and one-of-a-kind!

Elevating Your Brand

Non-traditional and innovative thinking, alone with creativity, make us uniquely positioned to assist in elevating your brand.

Media Coverage

You have the perfect products on your hand but nobody knows? Don’t worry, at platform events we treat media coverage as important as we treat your customers.


Testimonial / Quotes

will give guide that first step or support an extra push for aspiring entrepreneurs to fully express their ideas and present it to the market

  • Target Audience

    Design is a universal language and it is a necessity in today’s daily lifestyle. As the industry develops even faster by the year. With more trends and many new talents making a debut as time passes, it is our job to showcase them towards the visitors. Our target audience ranges towards art and fashion enthusiasts within 60% of the segmented audience are female and 40% male. The categorized age includes 16-25 year old, 26-38 year old and 39 year old-above.

  • Participants profile

    We welcome designers from any ends of the industry, from design students to new and upcoming individuals. Focusing purely on their design aesthetics and commercial vision regarding one’s brand.

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